Tomas Alfredson, the acclaimed Swedish director of the BAFTA awarded Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Let the Right One In, has commenced shooting of Faithless, his highly anticipated TV adaption of Ingmar Bergman’s renowned script.

The series is fronted by an a-list cast, including Jesper Christensen and Lena Endre, as well as upcoming stars Frida Gustavsson, Gustav Lindh and August Wittgenstein. The scripts are written by renowned Norwegian writer Sara Johnsen, whose credits include NRK’s July 22.

Faithless is a six-episode drama series that through a love triangle, explores the relationship between love and passion. The drama is told in two time periods. In the present-day storyline, the renowned director David Howard, 73, is reunited with his former great love, actress Marianne Vogler, 75. Their meeting forces them to confront the painful consequences of their previous relationship – not just for themselves, but for their families. Forty years prior, in the main story, a young David, and Marianne fall in love with each other and embark on a passionate love affair that they must keep a secret, as Marianne is married to David’s best friend Markus Vogler.

Young David will be played by Gustav Lindh, who had his breakthrough in May El-Touky’s Queen of Hearts. The old David will be played by Jesper Christensen (James Bond, Exit, Nymphomaniac). Frida Gustavsson (Vikings, The Witcher) will star as the young Marianne and Lena Endre (Millenium, Acquitted, Kingsman) will star as the older Marianne, whilst Markus will be played by German/Swedish actor August Wittgenstein (The Crown, Das Boot, Ku’damm), to complete the main casting.

The 6 x 45-minute adaptation of the 2000 Cannes entry is being produced by Fremantle’s Miso Film Sweden, in co-production with SVT and ARTE, with the support of DR, NRK, YLE, RUV, and Nordisk Film & TV Fond. Fremantle will manage global sales with the series expected to premiere early 2025.

Tomas Alfredson, Director: “I have been living with Faithless for more than 20 years and I’m thrilled that we now have commenced shooting. The casting of Faithless is crucial for the complex story and I have worked very hard to attract the right cast for the series. We have managed to attract the best talent we have, and I can’t wait to develop and form the characters with our skilled cast.”

Anna Croneman, Head of Drama, SVT: “Past and present Swedish film history are coming together with Tomas’ take on Ingmar Bergman’s story. We are very excited about the series, the collaboration with Tomas and Sara, and the amazing cast. We look very much forward to introducing Faithless to a new audience.”

Alexandre Piel, Deputy Head of Drama, ARTE: “When Tomas Alfredson and Miso Film pitched the series to us almost a year ago, we instantly knew that this was a series we wanted to be a part of. Faithless is the core of public service and we look very much forward to co-produce the series with our trusted partners SVT and Miso Film.”

Peter Bose, CEO and producer, Miso Film adds: Sara and Tomas have worked extremely hard throughout the development of the series, and we are all very pleased and thrilled with the scripts. The support from SVT, and ARTE’s early engagement in the series have secured a very healthy working environment and this is why we have come this far. We have a very strong and interesting cast attached and I’m confident that Faithless will be worth the wait.

Miso Film, a Fremantle company, is behind several successful TV series and feature films across the Nordics such as writer and director Tobias Lindholm’s internationally praised series The Investigation, Scandinavia’s first original Netflix series The Rain, the crime series Those Who Kill and Dicte: Crime Reporter, as well as Christopher Boe’s acclaimed series Warrior and Face to Face and Ole Bornedals 1864 and The Bombardment. Faithless is produced by Christian Rank, Jonas Allen, and Peter Bose. For more information, please visit