Fremantle and Fuji TV launches new format


Global production giant Fremantle have agreed a deal with Fuji Television to represent Little Presenter, an emotional and comedic entertainment format, which shows the world through the eyes of children. Combining innocence and curiosity, Little Presenter  sees children investigate topics in society and current affairs, finding alternative ways to tackle the problems we face today.


In each episode, children ask a question about the world they want to answer, covering everything from serious issues like “How do we have a world without conflict?” and “Do we really need robots?” to the more light-hearted with questions such as “Do ghosts really exist?” The children spend time researching and interviewing experts, before presenting their own findings in a speech front of a studio audience, with often enlightening results.

Vasha Wallace, EVP Global Acquisitions and Development, Global Entertainment, Fremantle said: “We have a long and successful relationship with Fuji Television and to date we have seen 95 different launches of the Fuji and Fremantle shows around the world. We are excited to be working on Little Presenter to bring this unique and endearing format to global buyers, starting with our launch at this years’ MIPCOM. Already we have had a hugely positive response to Little Presenter, it’s in an area which is really resonating with audiences and broadcasters alike and as a result we are looking forward to rolling this format out around the world.”

Mr. So Fujinuma, VP & Producer at Content Production Office, Fuji Television Networks Inc, said: “We are very happy to be working with Fremantle on Little Presenter, one of our new formats which will be introduced at MIPCOM 2018. This format’s universal theme, children’s curiosity, will appeal to broadcasters worldwide, and I strongly believe that it will be adapted in many countries thanks to Fremantle’s network. Since the international success of Hole In The Wall, Fuji Television and Fremantle have maintained a strong relationship. I personally had the chance to co-develop as producer on Total Blackout, which was sold in 20 countries. I’m looking forward to creating more great formats with Fremantle.”

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