Fremantle launches new format, Game of Talents

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Fremantle, the creator of the biggest and most successful gameshows in the world, has announced a partnership with Mediaset Spain for a unique new entertainment format, Game of Talents. Combining the spontaneous play-along fun of a classic gameshow and the excitement of a talent show, Game of Talents proves that looks really can be deceiving.

The format follows a contestant, who is paired with a well-known celebrity, as they work together to figure out the specific, surprising and sometimes bizarre hidden talents of ten mystery performers. With just a short introduction, contestants must guess the performers’ talent from a list of 11 possible answers, based only on their appearance, personality and a few clues. Can the contestants spot the fire-breathers from the opera singers or the parkour runners from the belly dancers?

Raising the stakes even higher, with each guess players must select a money ball containing a hidden cash prize. They then wait nervously, as the curtain rises and the strangers hidden talent is revealed. With incredible performances, audiences will see the sophisticated lady who becomes an exotic flamenco dancer, the nerdy guy who transforms into a beat-boxer, and a timid teenager who changes to a yoyo pro. After the performance, contestants open their chosen money ball to reveal how much they have won with their correct guess or lost with a wrong prediction.

In the dramatic final round, contestants work on their own, as they are introduced to five new strangers. They must stake their winnings on which of the strangers has the remaining hidden talent – will the contestants split their money across the board? Or will they double down by placing all their money on just one of the strangers? After a nail-biting deliberation, players must lock in their final answer. Tensions start to reach fever pitch as the curtain rises one last time and the stranger’s secret talent is revealed. Has the contestants selected the correct performer and won the jackpot? Or will they be going home empty handed.

Nathalie Garcia, CEO, Fremantle Spain said: “At Fremantle, we are renowned for our ability to create great game and talent shows, and Game of Talents is the perfect combination of both. It’s a unique concept with huge family appeal, that audiences at home will love playing along to. We’ve had a lot of fun producing the show in Spain, that has created some hilarious and surprising moments, all whilst showcasing some fantastically talented people. We have high hopes for this format and can’t wait to introduce it to our global partners in Cannes.”

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