Today, Fremantle and Kansai TV announce the launch of new entertainment format Quiz Pong, following a co-development deal initially revealed at MIPCOM 2022.

Kansai TV saw a successful launch for Quiz Pong in Japan last month. Fremantle will handle the production and global distribution of the format, building on Fremantle’s successful track record selling and producing Fuji Group shows from Japan around the world including Hole In The Wall, The Noise and Total Blackout, amounting to 94 adaptations across 49 territories.

Quiz Pong is a fast-paced game show where teams compete against each other in a fun tournament testing their mental, physical, and strategy skills. The teams go head-to-head by throwing balls into moving baskets, on an iconic supersized set and answering general knowledge questions to score points. The harder the basket is to reach the more difficult the question inside the basket will be for their opponent. One player is the thrower while the player from the opposite team answer questions. The thrower must be strategic and throw the ball into higher level baskets for their opponent to answer difficult questions, and if they get the question wrong the thrower’s team is awarded the point. After battling through two rounds, the winning teams compete in the exciting grand finale for a prize.

Vasha Wallace, EVP Global Acquisitions and Development at Fremantle, said: “After enjoying a strong performance on Kansai TV, the Quiz Pong format is ready to go global. This is an exciting deal for Fremantle. We have really enjoyed collaborating with Kansai TV’s talented production team on this addictive new game show. Quiz Pong is all about agility, brain power and having fun on a really iconic set that is bound to keep family viewers entertained and wanting to play Quiz Pong themselves. We look forward to bringing the exhilarating game show to a global audience.”

Miho Okada, Executive Managing Director at Kansai TV, said: “We’re delighted to launch Quiz Pong to the global market. Thanks to the innovative idea from our producers and creative support from Fremantle, Quiz Pong developed into a fun, exciting, and relatable format to an audience of all generations. We’re very happy with the Japanese episodes that we broadcast on our channel, and hope this format will travel to many countries and become another internationally successful game show format from Japan.”