FremantleMedia India to produce Hear Me, Love Me

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FremantleMedia India will be producing Hear Me, Love Me for Amazon Prime Video India.


The original format (known as Hear Me, Love Me, See Me) was originally devised by FremantleMedia’s Israeli production arm Abot Hameiri and has already been successfully produced in seven countries.

Presented by film actor and fitness guru, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, the show combines modern day technology with the rules of old world romance to uncover the perfect recipe for love. The format takes a single young woman looking for love and sets her up on 3 dates in a single day. There’s just one small catch… she is not allowed to see what her dates look like.

Aradhana Bhola, MD of FremantleMedia India said, “We at FremantleMedia India are thrilled to collaborate with Amazon Prime Video India in bringing the worldwide format hit, Hear Me, Love Me Successfully produced in seven countries, this is a fun, entertainment format that, for the first time, looks at love through the millennial lens.  We found the perfect host in Shilpa; her innate warmth and joie de vivre blend beautifully with the show format to create irresistible entertainment!”

Shilpa Shetty Kundra said, “I am thrilled to make my digital debut with this unique reality show. I am sure all of us have wondered if looks are everything when it comes to dating.  Hear Me, Love Me puts this concept to the test! The format of this unusual and edgy reality show revolves around dating through the heart.  The show tries to uncover what each contestant values the most in their date!”


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