Honouring a life’s work

Nico Hofmann to receive the Carl Laemmle Producers Award 2020. For the body of work Nico Hofmann has turned out up to now, he has been named the recipient of the fourth film producers’ award bestowed by producers’ association Film & Fernsehen (F&F) and the town of Laupheim in southern Germany.

On 28 October 2019, the award’s initiators, the producer alliance F&F and the town of Laupheim announced that Nico Hofmann will be the recipient of the Carl Laemmle Producers Award 2020 in recognition of his outstanding oeuvre.

The award, named after film pioneer Carl Laemmle, Hollywood’s founding father, will be presented to Nico Hofmann on Friday 13 March 2020 at a gala award ceremony held in Laemmle’s Swabian birthplace, Laupheim. The award is endowed with €40,000.

Nico Hofmann, UFA CEO and Producer, says: “I feel greatly honoured to receive a Carl Laemmle Producers Award, not just because of my deep respect for the man after whom it is named, but also because I have so much admiration for the work done by its previous winners. I see this high accolade as a call to be courageous, stand up for values and be passionate about our industry, which is currently experiencing what may well be its most exciting, dynamic phase ever. I’d like to thank all my friends and associates, my team at UFA and Bertelsmann, a company that has given me artistic and entrepreneurial freedom for more than 20 years and become my home.”

“Over the last two decades, Nico Hofmann has been responsible for some of Germany’s most successful films and TV series. His uncanny knack for covering the right topics at the right time sets him apart among his fellow producers. He understands how to reach millions of viewers and entertain them while also making them think. Hardly anyone else has managed to so continuously master the balancing act between high aspirations and mass appeal,” says jury chairman Professor Dieter Kosslick, explaining the judges’ unanimous decision.

Dr Christoph Palmer, Managing Director of producer’s alliance F&F, adds: “In honouring Nico Hofmann, we’re acknowledging one of the great producers of our time, who stands out for the passion and ethos he brings to his profession. Moreover, his works are always about standing up for values. His filmography speaks for itself. And we should also stress his sustained commitment to the next generation, as reflected in his establishment and long-term management of the Directing Department at the newly founded Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, whose worldwide recognition today is largely thanks to Nico.”

Gerold Rechle, Mayor of the City of Laupheim, adds: “It’s a great honour to be able to roll out the red carpet for Nico Hofmann and pay tribute to him for his impressive overall output as a passionate producer and, at the same time, successful entrepreneur. We’re greatly looking forward to hosting our fourth Carl Laemmle Producers Award ceremony in Laupheim, a place that is both a worthy and welcoming setting.”

The Carl Laemmle Producers Award is Germany’s most prestigious prize for producers and was launched in 2017 by the producers’ alliance in conjunction with Carl Laemmle’s birthplace, Laupheim, to mark the 150th centenary of the birth of the film pioneer and inventor of Hollywood. As the first independent German award for producers, each year the Carl Laemmle Producers Award honours the life’s work of an outstanding producer, while at the same time particularly highlighting the special achievements of producers in the creative process and financial management of film making. The first ever recipient of a Carl Laemmle Producers Award was Roland Emmerich in early 2017, followed the subsequent year by Regina Ziegler. That same year, the jury acknowledged the Artur Brauner’s contribution to production on his 100th birthday by honouring him with the jury’s special prize, a Carl Laemmle Honorary Award. In 2019, Stefan Arndt was awarded the Carl Laemmle Producers Award for his life’s work up to now.

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