In Search Of… to premiere on the History Channel


From 1972 to 1988, landmark documentary series In Search Of…captivated the American psyche with its unique exploration of unexplained phenomena. Armed with astute curiosity and a keen intellect, host Leonard Nimoy (TV’s Mr. Spock) guided viewers on a weekly journey to answer some of the most fantastical and mysterious questions plaguing humankind.


From UFO encounters to the Bermuda Triangle to Sasquatch sightings – and hundreds of other mysteries in-between – each episode invigorated our collective intelligence and imagination in profound and provocative ways. Now, from producers Propagate Content and multi-awarding winning director Eddie Schmidt, comes a reimagining of the 1970’s series.

Hosted by film and television star Zachary Quinto, this contemporary reboot is an immersive, experiential journey through the intersection of science and the supernatural, with a fitting personality to drive its investigations. In each episode, with the help of world-renowned scientists, experts, and real people on the ground, Zach will venture out into the world to embark on active, cinematic quests to unearth real answers to enduring questions that puzzle and haunt civilization.

In Search Of…premieres on The History Channel on Friday 20th July and will be distributed by Fremantlemedia International.

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