Jon Richardson brings Ultimate Worrier to Dave

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Award-winning network UKTV has commissioned an exciting new UKTV Original from Talkback (part of FremantleMedia UK), Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier (8×60”) for its leading entertainment channel, Dave.


Obsessive worrier and organiser Jon Richardson hosts a new comedy format where he attempts to analyse, assess and log every single one of his many, many worries.

Jon Richardson said, “I was always worried that my neuroses would hold me back in my career, but now that Dave have commissioned me to worry for a living I can put that one to bed and get on with worrying about how the show will be received. I would like to thank Dave Gorman for creating a gap at the network for a northern man with a beard. If I can make something half as good as his Modern Life Is Goodish series I will be delighted.”

Will his wife replace him with a sex robot? Does his phone know more about him than he does? Will he ever make a jacket potato as good as the one he made in May 2009? Which of his worries should he worry about the most?

To help him with this colossal task, Jon is joined each week in the studio by big name comedians plus a range of experts. Using a mix of film, funny studio set-pieces and archive Jon and his guests will explore exactly how severe each worry actually is before filing it accordingly in Jon’s very own ‘Worriedness Index’ – a high-tech digital log of every anxiety in existence.

Ever worried about laboratory-grown meat, accidentally touching someone’s hand on the train or the impending nuclear apocalypse? Then join Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier as he hilariously works out exactly how worried the British public should be about everything there is to worry about.

Produced by Talkback (part of FremantleMedia UK), the UKTV Original series has been commissioned by UKTV senior commissioning editor Iain Coyle and ordered by Richard Watsham, director of commissioning and Steve North, genre general manager, comedy and entertainment. Talkback Thames managing director, Leon Wilson; director of programmes, Jonno Richards and Kate Edmunds will executive produce, alongside Iain Coyle for UKTV.

Iain Coyle said, “I’ve been concerned for some time about Jon’s anxieties. I’m delighted that Talkback and ourselves, are helping him come to terms with a number of his more severe issues. Because laughter is the best medicine, right?”

Luke Hales, Dave general manager added, “Ultimate Worrier is a perfect fit for Dave and we are really excited to have got this series off the ground. Jon is fantastic talent, a firm favourite with our viewers and in Ultimate Worrier, we think we have found the perfect format for his brilliantly funny brand of neurosis.”

Jonno Richards, director of programmes, Talkback said, “We’re incredibly excited to be working with both the brilliant Jon and UKTV for the first time on this new series. We’re a nation of worriers and who better to process all of our concerns than Jon Richardson.”

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