New podcast shines a light on working in creative industry

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Four of the UK’s leading creative and media companies – publishers Penguin Random House and DK Books, music company BMG and TV production giant Fremantle – are partnering on a new podcast series, How DoYou Do? The eight-part series aims to be inspiring and informative for people looking to learn more about what it’s like to work in the creative industries and the many different (and sometimes unexpected) routes in.

Every week, fresh presenting talent Hat and Flo will talk to new interviewees – all at different stages in their careers in publishing, music or television – to get the inside knowledge about how they broke into the industry, what their jobs really involve and their top tips and insights about how to get ahead. From the runner who quit the NHS to work on The Apprentice and My Dad Wrote a Porno’s James Cooper, to the brand lead for Stormzy’s #MerkyBooks and the music manager who signed Kylie Minogue, How Do You Do? opens the door to an industry which has traditionally been seen as being about ‘who you know’ rather than what you can bring. Interviewees include:

  • James Cooper, producer, writer and podcast host of My Dad Wrote A Porno
  • Tim Fairclough, TV production runner on BBC One’s The Apprentice
  • Holly Harris, editorial director, books including Scarlett Curtis’s best-selling Feminists Don’t Wear Pink
  • Emma Wallace, senior audience and brand manager for Stormzy’s #MerkyBooks
  • Jamie Nelson, director of A&R who has signed artists such as Lily Allen and Kylie Minogue

A digital producer and a development researcher respectively, Hat and Flo are both new to the industry themselves and have experienced the same struggles and questions when trying to start their careers in media.

Hat and Flo said: “Trying to crack your way into a creative company can sometimes feel like an impossible task – often sending off hundreds of CVs, cover letters and portfolios and sometimes not even hearing anything back – or just not knowing how to even start when you don’t have anyone to ask. How Do You Do? is about opening up these opportunitiesand showing that the industry is not the closed door many people think it is. With our interviewees, we explore what goes on inside these companies – breaking down the jargon, the job roles and the sometimes very unconventional career paths – of the people who work there.”

Penguin Random House, DK Books, BMG and Fremantle are all part of the Bertelsmann Group family.

‘How Do You Do?’ Episode 1 is available to listen and download on iTunes, Spotify and Acast now.





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