Celebrating our shows at Berlinale

Over the past two weeks, the Berlin International Film festival returned in full swing, inviting actors, writers, director, producers, and filmmakers from across the world, to come together and celebrate the best of film and TV.

We are extremely proud to have showcased two projects this year; The Good Mothers from our Italian label Wildside and our partner House Productions, and Adolfo from our label The Immigrant.

The Wildside and House Productions series, due to launch on Disney+ on 5 April, won the inaugural Berlinale Series Award – the first TV award of its kind at a major film festival. On its win, the jury said the series “captured us with its multi-layered characters that have been treated with care and allowed to evolve before our very eyes.”

“The series creators have been meticulous in recreating an authentic and detailed world, presented by a stellar cast, with performance that made our hearts skip a beat. The beautiful cinematography, production design and locations contributed to the ultra-realistic feel of the show, which is only right considering it is based on true events.”

The series starring Gaia Girace (My Brilliant Friend), Valentina Bellè, and Barbara Chichiarelli, tells the gripping story of three women who turn against everything they know to overthrow a criminal empire, fighting for their lives and the future of their children. The Good Mothers is directed by Elisa Amoruso and This England director Julian Jarrold, and is penned by Baghdad Central writer Steven Butchard.

The feature film Adolfo won the Crystal Bear in the Generation 14plus category at the renowned film festival, with judges commenting:

“Through an unexpected, yet intense, encounter between strangers and their witty humour, we accompany two fundamentally different people through an enchanting night full of colours, thoughts, and poetic-philosophical dialogues. The film won us over thanks to its attention to detail, with which it draws inspiring characters who try to come to terms with their past and, at the same time, look towards the future.”

In Adolfo, strangers Hugo (Daniel García Treviño) and Momo (Rocío de la Mañana) cross paths during the worst night of their lives. With the perfect distraction in place, their chance encounter sees them unite against the night, forging a connection neither will easily forget. Adolfo is written and directed Sofía Auza, produced by Camila Jiménez, Silvana Aguirre, and Alejandro Durán at The Immigrant, and executive produced by Fremantle’s Sheila Aguirre.

Congratulations to all our outstanding teams, labels, producers, and creatives on a successful Berlinale.

Until next year!