Ester Expósito to star in La Isla Bonita

The Immigrant and Sábado Peliculas are teaming up to co-produce new original dramedy La Isla Bonita, created and directed by Ginesta Guindal, director of Vida Perfecta (HBO Max, winner of Canneseries 2019); Élite (Netflix), El Vecino (Netflix), Drama (PlayZ) and Todas las veces que nos enamoramos (Netflix).

Starring prominent Spanish actress Ester Expósito (Élite, Veneno, Someone has to Die, Venus), La Isla Bonita is an irreverent dramedy presenting Ibiza as an over-the-top metaphor for the challenges young generations face today: life in big cities has become increasingly unaffordable, mental health levels are at their lowest, and the environment in collapsing.

The story focuses on a group of friends from different walks of life who share a quaint house in Ibiza. When we meet them, they’ve just rented their fifth room to Roxy, a 19 year-old who arrives on the island with the sole intention of sneaking into the best parties, the kind you have to attend if you want to be “someone” on social media. But with Roxy’s arrival comes unexpected news, the owner of the property has decided to triple the rent for the summer months. The guests need to quickly identify ingenious solutions to be able to keep their lives and home together on this “fantasy” island.

La Isla Bonita is a series about charming and contradictory characters torn between romanticism and cynicism, between the comfort of capitalism and a contradictory idealism, between saving the world and saving their ass. Ibiza, a temple of contradictions, might as well be the perfect candidate to become the capital of our fall. But hey…the party must go on.

Ginesta Guindal, creator and director:La Isla Bonita is a personal series. Lustful. Loving. Full of vitality. This story is based on my own experiences in Ibiza and springs from my life values and emotions, from being a millennial in today’s world. Ester’s ability to portray characters that are complex, contradictory, and relatable to audiences worldwide is a wonderful fit.”

Produced by Sábado Peliculas and The Immigrant, which is backed by Fremantle, with the global producer-distributor co-financing the project and handling global sales, the series will commence production in the second half of 2023.

Camila Jiménez, CEO of The Immigrant: “La Isla Bonita is a fiercely personal project that has the potential to connect with audiences globally through characters facing issues common to all Millennials and GenZers. What’s wonderful about these characters is their resolve to find solutions, to enjoy life despite all those issues.”

Sheila Aguirre, EVP of Content Distribution and Format Sales at Fremantle: “Ginesta is an exceptional creative talent. Through intimate experiences and feelings, Ginesta’s unique storytelling in La Isla Bonita is ultimately a deep reflection on today’s world. This anticipated series from the brilliant minds at The Immigrant and Sábado Peliculas will convey something highly personal yet universal.”

Toni Carrizosa, CEO and Producer of Sábado Películas: “Ginesta has a unique vision and style. She will create a wonderful and personal story around the world of Ibiza, showcasing its lights and shadows, and emphasizing critical themes for our times.”