Bringing Family Feud to Hong Kong

Our entertainment gameshow Family Feud will be adapted in Hong Kong for the first time. Leading broadcaster TVB have acquired popular format Family Feud which will debut on 29th August 2021 on TVB Jade Channel.

In Hong Kong, Family Feud  will be hosted by  Actor, Producer and Comedian Johnson Lee, who has been active in the entertainment sector since 1998, playing the male lead in multiple Hong Kong dramas.

This marks an exciting new chapter in TVB’s long-standing relationship with us, having already picked up finished content including America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals and Great Railway Journeys to name a few.

Haryaty Rahman, SVP Distribution Asia, International at Fremantle said: “We are excited to partner with TVB to bring a local version of Family Feud to Hong Kong. The Family Feud format has proved to be irresistible to over 70 international markets, and now audiences in Hong Kong can see what the survey says. There are endless possibilities for humorous and outrageous answers which make this classic gameshow a great watch.”

Family Feud is played by two competing teams of five members, which can either be family members or celebrity teams. The host poses a question which has already been surveyed across 100 people. The first team to buzz in with an answer that matches one of the survey’s responses, gains control of the game board. The team playing the board is given up to three incorrect guesses to match all of the surveys responses. Points are awarded based on the number of people in the survey who responded with each answer.

The first team to reach the highest number of points is the winner and goes on to play in the final for the big prize. The winning team selects two of its members to play against the clock. The first contestant has to try to answer all five questions before time runs out. The second contestant, waiting off stage in a soundproof booth, now joins the host on stage to answer the same five questions. Unable to repeat the answers given by their partner, a combination of quick-fire replies and high-scoring answers could boost their score beyond the magic barrier, winning the family the jackpot!