First-look images from the Sicillian set of Anna

The first-look images from the Sicilian set of Anna (working title), the new Sky Original series created and directed by Niccolò Ammaniti based on his most popular novel of the same name, published in Italy by Einaudi, have been revealed.

The images unveil the cast and the leading actress for the first time: newcomer Giulia Dragotto (13 years old) plays Anna: a girl who lives in a world devastated by a virus where humans live only to the age of fourteen. The child sets off in search of Astor, played by Alessandro Pecorella (9 years old, another TV debut), her little brother who’s been kidnapped.

Anna is the second Sky TV project by the novelist who won the Premio Strega after the success of The Miracle. The series is produced by Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Mieli with Lorenzo Gangarossa for Fremantle’s Wildside and co-produced by ARTE France and Kwaï.

Niccolò Ammaniti is showrunner and director of the TV series. The Italian author is script writing too, together with Francesca Manieri (Italian Race, The First King, The Miracle).

The very young debutants feature Clara Tramontano (Angelica) and Giovanni Mavilla (Pietro). The broader cast also includes Roberta Mattei (Don’t Be Bad, Italian Race, Il primo Natale) and Elena Lietti (Like Crazy, Tre piani) as Anna and Astor’s missing mother. This is the second time Elena Lietti is directed by Ammaniti after The Miracle, in which she played Sole Pietromarchi, the troubled wife of the Prime Minister played by Guido Caprino.


A stubborn extremely brave child sets off in search of her kidnapped brother.

In her long trip through burnt fields and mysterious woods, among the ruins of shopping centers and abandoned cities, through the large desolated spaces of an island that nature and wild communities of survivors have managed to win back, Anna can rely on a notebook her mother left her with the instructions to survive. And day after day she discovers that the rules of the past no longer apply; she will have to invent new ones.

Anna will air exclusively in Italy on Sky. Fremantle holds the international rights to the series.