Fremantle joins forces with TV 2 on The Lost Ones

We have partnered with Danish public broadcaster TV 2 to commission the exciting adventure format The Lost Ones (local title: Flokken).

The series which will rely on contestants‘ basic instincts is developed and produced by Fremantle label Strong Productions, with production expected to start soon. Fremantle hold the global rights for the format.

The Lost Ones sees a group of ordinary people stranded in a remote location where they have to survive until they are evacuated. Participants are only given basic food, a radio and essential survival equipment, and have no idea who else is scattered across the deserted landscape. All they know is that they have to survive until evacuation and that the only way out is together.

Danny Rowlands, Senior Vice President, Global Development at Fremantle said: “It’s always fascinating to see how people navigate new landscapes especially when they have limited resources. Here we have a group of participants who will need to push themselves to find a way out of an inhospitable location. It’s a real test of ingenuity, survival instinct and as the journey unfolds, teamwork. This format is an entertaining and exciting twist on the survival reality genre. It will bring people together as they invest in the journeys of the participants as they make their way through the unknown. This is a great collaboration between Strong and TV 2, and like The Lost Ones, we are excited to see how it unfolds.”

Sune Roland, CEO of Strong Productions said: “In the last couple of years we have seen many adventure reality formats where a group works together and gradually gets eliminated until there is one winner. We feel that where the world is now, it’s much more of a time for cooperation, unity, and hope. So, in this format we wanted to aspire to precisely that – to create teams and unite a group, because we are stronger together. The development team here at Strong has really shone creatively on this one and the collaboration with broadcaster TV 2 has been quite unique and rewarding. I am sure we are on to something with The Lost Ones.”

Dorthe Thirstrup, Channel Controller at TV 2 said: “In a world dominated by closed echo chambers, we at TV 2 try to focus on all the things we have in common. In addition to offering escapism and tremendous production values, we also believe that the new format The Lost Ones can inspire us all to acknowledge that we are stronger united. I am convinced that The Lost Ones will set the viewers’ thoughts in motion! I would also like to thank Strong for the brilliant process we have shared. We were looking for a brand-new format with values matching those of TV 2 in order to revitalize our great reality portfolio. The joined creative forces has now resulted in a fantastic new format, and I am really looking forward to sharing this with the Danes – and the rest of the world!”