Fremantle signs strategic agreement with Mediaset

Mediaset España and Fremantle have signed a strategic agreement that includes a long-term contract for the format Got Talent España.

We will collaborate on a number of other projects including, pioneering the first European edition of Got Talent: All-Stars and collaborating on the development and production of new family entertainment shows, based on the Game of Talents format.

Alessandro Salem, CEO, Mediaset España said: “We are very pleased to embark on a new journey with Fremantle with this agreement, which consolidates the already close relationship between the two companies and moves towards the consolidation by Mediaset España of a family offering in its programming grid.”

Andrea Scrosati, Group COO and CEO Continental Europe, Fremantle, said: “We are very proud to have reached this partnership agreement with Mediaset España, which reflects our excellent relationship with the group. Thanks to this, we will continue to create and produce various entertainment projects in the coming years.”

Manuel Villanueva, General Director of Content, Mediaset España, added: “After the experience of working together with Fremantle, this agreement solidifies and enhances the high degree of understanding that has always existed between both companies and, in addition, the new development of Got Talent will contribute to the brand’s growth.”

Nathalie Garcia, CEO, Fremantle Spain, said: “At Fremantle we are very excited about this new agreement that strengthens the ties between the two companies. In addition to strengthening our commitment to Got Talent, and now, with the first edition of Got Talent: All Stars, we will continue to work together in the development and production of new projects.”