Global production rights acquired for Japanese comedy format Freeze

Today we announce that we have acquired global production rights to the Japanese mega-hit original comedy format, Freeze.

Originally developed and produced by FANY Studio and Yoshimoto Kogyo for Amazon Prime Video, the unique high-energy comedic game show has been entertaining audiences for two seasons and is now ready to go global.

Freeze is a comedy entertainment game show, where contestants battle it out for a grand prize. In this unique show, the rules of the game are simple – players enter a closed room and simply must “freeze” until the presenter releases them. With traps and tricks along the way that provoke reaction from the players, such as flying mannequins and giant popping balloons, only those who remain still, will survive to battle it out for a place in the grand finale. Those who move, laugh, or react the most will be eliminated. The player who remains still for the longest time throughout the game is crowned the winner and will receive a prize.

Commenting on the deal, Vasha Wallace, EVP Global Acquisitions and Development at Fremantle, said: “We premiered Freeze at London Screenings and it had an absolutely fantastic response, with interest from our international partners around the world. When the team at FANY Studio first showed us a clip of Freeze we all thought it was hilarious and we knew this would resonate with audiences everywhere. We have really enjoyed collaborating with the teams at FANY Studio on this highly entertaining game show from Amazon Prime Japan. Freeze is all about having nerves of steel and a fun and unique mechanism that is bound to keep viewers of all ages entertained. We look forward to bringing the addictive and exceptional format to a global audience.”

Commenting on the deal, Mari Kawamura, Head of Global Business at FANY Studio, said: “This was our first global deal since our company was established in May 2023, and we are honored to work with such a worldwide company like Fremantle. Many Japanese children grew up playing games freeze (DO NOT MOVE)”  with their friends, and we believe this simple rule is universal which can make audiences laugh. We look forward to expanding our format to the world and bringing our mechanism of smile and laughter to a global audience.”