Italia’s Got Talent launches 1 September on Disney+

The hit talent show, Italia’s Got Talent is a Disney+ Original Production, produced by Fremantle Italia, and will be available in Italy from 1st September exclusively on the streaming service, with new episodes available every week. Got Talent is among the most successful talent shows in the world and the Italian edition will be the first one in Europe to be available on a streaming service produced by Fremantle Italia.

This year, singer Elettra Lamborghini and Khaby Lame, a world-renowned social media star, will join the series as judges along with fan-favourite veterans Mara Maionchi, talent scout, TV personality and actor, and comedian Frank Matano, both onboard once again to find Italy’s most talented people. The show is hosted by Aurora and Fru from The Jackal who will bring their irony to the stage of Italia’s Got Talent. A homecoming for Aurora, who started her career on this very talent show as a contestant in 2019.

In this new Disney+ edition, Italia’s Got Talent has travelled all over Italy in search of the most significant talents, starting in Rome and continuing south to Naples, Avellino and Catanzaro, then north up to Vicenza, ending the competition at the Arcimboldi Theatre in Milan.

Through the new episodes divided into six auditions, two semi-finals and the highly anticipated final, the audience will be introduced to the new presenters and get excited about the performances and stories of the contestants. This year, the competition will become even more exciting with the inclusion of two semi-finals to which the 16 strongest contestants will be admitted. To keep the audience wanting more at the end of each audition, there will be the unprecedented ‘Selection Time’: not all the contestants who have obtained at least 3 yes’ will pass automatically, it will be the judges who will decide who, among them, will go on to the semi-finals. In this new edition, the public will also become the fifth judge: they will assign their Golden Buzzer during the semi-finals and during the spectacular final, will declare the winner who will be awarded with a prize of 100,000 €.

The 2023 edition of Italia’s Got Talent will see the participation of many different talents, some of international renown, all with their own artistic peculiarities, who will bring to the stage new disciplines and performances.

Adapted in 77 countries, it is the most successful format in the world, earning the title of ‘World Guinness Record’ for ‘Most Popular Talent/Reality Show’. Created in 2006, it has reached more than 1 billion viewers globally and it is currently broadcasted in 23 countries. In Italy, Got Talent is considered a huge success story: with twelve seasons, it is one of the most recognizable and loved entertainment formats by audiences of all ages to date. Over the years, more than 1270 contestants have graced the stage of “Italia’s Got Talent”, showcasing their talent in all kinds of disciplines in search of the judges’ coveted ‘Golden Buzzer’: singers, dancers, illusionists, acrobats, but also animal trainers, instrumentalists, ventriloquists, impersonators, and every other kind of performer. It is precisely the ability to tell stories beyond the competition that is the key to Italia’s Got Talent success. A success also confirmed by the great popularity on social media: Italia’s Got Talent can count on a community of 3,8 million users between Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube and TikTok.