Marlene (w/t) from UFA Fiction now in development.

UFA Fiction, a Fremantle Company, and Bombero International are now filming writer-director Fatih Akin’s story of Marlene Dietrich, based on the biography by her daughter, Maria Riva. The world superstar is played by the internationally renowned actress Diane Kruger.

The five-part miniseries puts the focus on Marlene Dietrich – one of the best known personalities of the 20th century and an icon who has inspired generations, whose legacy includes some of the most important films in cinema history – as artist, lover, German emigrant and mother. Fatih Akin presents the portrait of a woman who created her own rules and lived by them, whatever the cost.

Nico Hofmann, Producer and CEO UFA, and Sebastian Werninger, Producer and Managing Director UFA Fiction: “Marlene Dietrich is an icon of her time: in her open approach to sexuality, her clear stance towards the war with National Socialist Germany, her international outlook and clear recognition of diversity: it is the modern image of womankind far ahead of that of her generation and which impresses even to this day. Marlene Dietrich is myth and legacy, one of the great German biographies which has still not yet been told in its complexity. We celebrate Fatih Akin’s passion in portraying this great artistic biography.”

Fatih Akin, Creator, Director and Producer Bombero International:Marlene (w/t) will be not only the first series I have written and directed but also the greatest challenge in my film career. It is the continuation of my successful collaboration with Diane Kruger. Nobody is better cast than her. Marlene was not only a cinematic icon, but a woman in exile, German immigrant in America, resistance fighter and so much more. She was also an UFA-artiste, which is why I am even happier that the series has found a home there.”

Diane Kruger, leading actress and Executive Producer: “With Fatih’s talent and ability to see into the soul of a person, I am certain that he will not only film a series about the icon and world star Marlene Dietrich, but above all will draw a portrait of a unique woman in an unusual epoch. I cannot wait to appear in front of Fatih’s camera again and together let Marlene Dietrich stand in the spotlight once again.”

Marlene (w/t) is a production of UFA Fiction and Bombero International. Producers are Nurhan Sekerci-Porst (Bombero International), Fatih Akin (Bombero International), Sebastian Werninger (UFA Fiction), Nico Hofmann (UFA) and Herman Weigel. Executive Producer is Diane Kruger. Creator and Director is Fatih Akin, who has also written the scripts.