Raffa to launch on Disney+

Disney+ announces the original production Raffa, the first docuseries dedicated to Raffaella Carrà, which will trace the extraordinary life of one of the world’s pop culture icons. Raffa, whose filming started recently, will be available on Disney+.

The docuseries, produced by Fremantle, will be directed by Daniele Luchetti and written by Cristiana Farina alongside Barbara Boncompagni.

Who is Raffaella Carrà? What’s behind the image of the most famous and best-loved Italian star abroad, behind the 60 million records sold, the television hits, the films and international tours?

A symbol of freedom and gender equality in the 1970s, the queen of public TV in the 1980s and an LGBTQ+ icon in the 1990s, Raffaella is a legend that transcends all cultural and generational barriers and that audiences all over the world have loved for over than 50 years.

Yet Raffaella is also a mystery to which no one holds the key. Reserved person by nature and very jealous of her private life, Raffaella is a woman who had to fight to assert herself in a world of men, but also one who loved and suffered.

The docuseries will retrace the artist’s public and private life, starting from her childhood in Romagna, marked by her father abandoning her, and then her “front cover” flirt with Frank Sinatra, her two great loves, her regret for a missed motherhood, her many triumphs and the odd failure, her crises and rebirths.

“I’m really proud to announce this new Italian production dedicated to an icon like Raffaella Carrà and it’s a privilege to realize it thanks to the collaboration with Fremantle,” tells Daniel Frigo, Country Manager, The Walt Disney Company Italia. “Italian productions represent an asset and an opportunity for Disney+ to explore and bring audiences even closer to characters and stories that have been part of the country’s culture.”

“Like every innovator, Raffaella Carrà, has inspired millions of people, in Italy, Spain and around the world. Telling special stories like hers is our everyday fare at Fremantle. Doing it in partnership with Disney makes us especially proud,” says Andrea Scrosati, Fremantle Group COO and CEO Continental Europe.

Raffa – a docuseries of 3 one-hour episodes – is produced by Gabriele Immirzi and Alessandro De Rita for Fremantle Italia in collaboration with Fremantle Spain. Directed by Daniele Luchetti. Written by Cristiana Farina and Barbara Boncompagni, Salvo Guercio and Carlo Altinier.