Stonehenge: The Hidden Truth uncovers ground-breaking new discovery

Today we announced Stonehenge: The Hidden Truth, a brand new documentary detailing pioneering scientific and archaeological research that has identified a new monument at Stonehenge.

Stonehenge: The Hidden Truth, produced by Wild Blue Media, was commissioned to continue research at the historical site which, in turn, uncovered a previously undiscovered subterranean ring.

Fremantle continues to grow its premium factual content offering and this surprising discovery championed by the UK label highlights the difference TV can really make.  For this documentary, Wild Blue Media funded the use of cutting-edge technology allowing experts to present new findings that will change everything we know about one of the most famous ancient landmarks on earth.

The documentary features live archaeology as world-renowned experts piece together evidence to reveal a giant ring of prehistoric ‘shafts’ – the Durrington Pits – 20 times the size of Stonehenge, created over 4,000 years ago that, until now, has been completely hidden from sight. The pits were discovered just a few miles away from Stonehenge.

Céire Clark, Senior Acquisitions Manager, Fremantle International, said: “The scale of what has been discovered is extraordinary – we are immensely proud to be attached to this show that has changed the story of Stonehenge.”

Findings from this documentary will solve the mystery of this ancient world and shed light on the people who built Stonehenge and their reasons for doing so. With over a million visitors each year, Stonehenge has long been a site of geophysical study, but new research led by landscape archaeologist, Professor Vince Gaffney will explain how this prehistoric ring of pits came to be.  The documentary also provides insight from Stonehenge expert and archaeologist, Susan Greaney on how and why the Neolithic people may have created this monument and how the new discovery is redefining historians’ initial hypotheses.

Cameron Balbirnie, Executive Producer at Wild Blue Media commented: “Having been a part of major discoveries from the Arctic to the Amazon, it’s been such a privilege to partner with such fantastic scientists and archaeologists on such an extraordinary story right here in Britain.”

Stonehenge: The Hidden Truth is produced by Wild Blue Media for Science Channel and Channel 5 in the UK. It is produced and directed by Kate Dooley and executive produced by Cameron Balbirnie and Gary Hunter.  Local versions will air on Science Channel in the US, premiering Sunday, November 28 at 8 PM, Channel 5 in the UK and presold to SBS Australia.  Fremantle have international distribution rights for this ground-breaking special.