Tobias Lindholm to write and direct new drama



Miso Film is partnering with TV 2 (Denmark) and TV4 & C More (Sweden) to develop The Investigation, a brand new Scandinavian crime series written and directed by Tobias Lindholm. The drama will offer a unique insight into the complex investigation carried out by Jens Møller, the Head of Homicide for the Copenhagen Police surrounding the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.


Tobias Lindholm, one of the brightest stars of Scandinavian film and TV, takes the helm as the investigation into the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall is brought to life in a six-part series for TV 2 Denmark and Swedish TV4 & C More.

The series focusses on the Copenhagen Police and Head of Homicide, Jens Møller’s investigation and follows the methodical, unusual and technical work that enabled them to solve the murder of Kim Wall. The series is being made in close cooperation with Tobias Lindholm, Jens Møller and Kim Wall’s parents, Ingrid and Joachim Wall.

“A murder case in which you are looking for a submarine, and where you have a perpetrator before you have a body, is by its very nature spectacular. It’s also a case that quite naturally has consumed Kim Wall’s family and friends, and therefore also a case that drew the public’s attention to an unusually high degree,” said Head of Homicide Jens Møller.

Ingrid and Joachim Wall stated: “We decided early on that Kim’s fate should not be forgotten and we developed a close relationship with Jens Møller over the course of the case. Our conversations with both Jens and Tobias have caused us to trust that the story of how Kim’s murder was solved will be told from the right perspective and with respect for all who knew and loved Kim.”

“In the making of a crime series like this that is built on real events and the life of real people, I cannot and will not act alone. The cooperation with Jens Møller, and Ingrid and Joachim Wall are therefore imperative,” said Tobias Lindholm. “I don’t want to make a crime series that is beguiled by the perpetrator or the crime. I am, however, interested in the processes and the people who solved the crime, as well as the people who must go on with their lives despite it. It’s therefore a fully conscious decision that the perpetrator at no time will figure in the series.”

”Jens Møller and Copenhagen’s Police, investigated the case methodically, tirelessly and loyally, until only the unbearable facts remained. I have worked closely with professional soldiers and hostage negotiators in my films A War and A Hijacking and have described their lives authentically and realistically. I wish, in the same manner, to make a crime series that cuts out all the colourful stuff and depicts the reality and the facts soberly and precisely,” says Tobias Lindholm.

Katrine Vogelsang, Head of Fiction, TV 2 Danmark commented: “It’s a story about a unique and thrilling police investigation and a policeman who has to use alternative methods to solve the case. There is no doubt that Tobias Lindholm is the right person to bring this story to the audience in respect of the victim and her family.”

Josefine Tengblad, Head of Drama, TV 4, continues: “We do this with great humility. Having such a talented director like Tobias, who does this in close dialogue with both Jens Møller and Kim Walls parents to get the true story of what happened, feels safe and is a guarantee that the work in this project is done with the biggest respect for those who knew and loved Kim.”

“I am convinced that Tobias Lindholm with his authentic style and approach, will turn The Investigation into a unique Scandinavian TV-series, and I really see it as a scoop for Scandinavian TV-fiction that Tobias is both writing and directing The Investigation in a time where a lot of major Danish directors turn to USA ”, commented producer, Jonas Allen, Miso Film.

Tobias Lindholm has solidified his reputation as a director with films such as R, The Hijacking and A War, the latter Oscar-nominated in 2016. In addition, he was a scriptwriter on the TV-series Borgen and the 2015 Oscar-nominated film The Hunt. Recently he worked with David Fincher on Netflix’s original series Mindhunter, for which he wrote and directed two episodes.

The Investigation was initiated and will be developed and produced by Miso Film together with Jens Møller and Tobias Lindholm. Miso Film recently produced TV 2’s timely and critically acclaimed mini-series Warrior, with Christoffer Boe as writer and director, and, among others, TV4/C More’s crime series Modus, based on the novels of Anne Holt.

The Investigation is co-produced with TV 2 DANMARK, Swedish TV4 & C More and Outline Film, in cooperation with TV 2 in Norway, Copenhagen Film Fund and with support from The Danish Film Institute’s Public Service Fund. The series will be distributed internationally by Fremantle.

The Investigation is expected to go into production in 2019.