Production begins on the Lucia Puenzo directed La Jauría

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Filming has begun on the brand new series La Jauría as the production begins shooting in Santiago, Chile.

The series is directed by screenwriter and film director Lucia Puenzo (Ingobernable, XXY, Wakolda) alongside Sergio Castro (La Mujer de Barro), Marialy Rivas (Young & Wild) and Nicolás Puenzo (Los Invisibles).

La Jauría features Daniela Vega, star of the acclaimed Sebastian Lelio film, A Fantastic Woman. The series also stars Antonia Zegers (A Fantastic Woman, The Club, Prófugos, Tony Manero), who is joined by María Gracia Omegna (Young & Wild, Princesita,La Vida de los Peces) who together with Vega and Zegers will play a police force who specialise in in gender related crimes. Together they investigate the strange disappearance of a young woman.

Blanca Ibarra, a student and leader of a feminist movement, disappears amidst a staged protest carried out by a group of girls from Santa Inés School following an alleged case of abuse between a teacher and a student. Hours later, a recording of Blanca being raped by a group of unidentifiable men appears online and goes viral. This begins the frantic search for Blanca and to discover who are responsible for the crime.

Initially there are no clues, but soon the detectives discover that all suspects belong to the same chat group called La Jauría (The Pack). What is behind this group is a gruesome game in which a teacher, a priest, a psychologist and even Blanca’s own father could be involved.

The cast includes Paula Luchsinger, Amparo Noguera, Claudia di Girólamo, Francisco Reyes, Alfredo Castro, Daniel Muñoz, Marcelo Alonso and Diego Muñoz. Along with them, a group of young talents will have important roles: Mariana di Girólamo, Lucas Balmaceda, Antonia Giessen, Geraldine Neary and Clemente Rodríguez.

The cast is completed by the Cuban-Mexican actor Alberto Guerra, the star of Ingobernable, and the popular Chilean rapper & Grammy nominated- Ana Tijoux who, in addition to composing music for the series, will make his acting debut playing the role of a hacker.

Lucía Puenzo, director of La Jauría, points out that “When I was invited to participate in this series, it captured my attention that the central axes of La Jauría are class and gender tensions. We live in a convulsed world, where the leading figures of recent times are thousands of women and men who take to the streets to demand their rights. Those young people who are leading social change have the strength and determination that inspires our content.”

Angela Poblete, executive producer of the series, adds: “It is a great challenge to portray today’s world without instrumentalizing it, but respecting its dignity, its imaginaries, its strength and its truth.”

“The feminist revolution, our relationship with social networks, misogyny and sexism, sexual abuse, bullying and the role of the different actors in society in today’s moral and value dilemmas are its major themes. It intends to become a fresh and provocative series that conquers audiences without borders of sex, age or nationality”, adds Ángela Poblete.

Christian Vesper, EVP, Creative Director, Global Drama at Fremantle, says “With Lucia Puenzo’s unique voice and vision, Juan de Dios Larrain and Pablo Larrain’s creative storytelling, and our distinguished cast, La Juaría is set to be a visceral thriller. Set against the backdrop of the struggle to address the epidemic of violence against women, the series will explore how women and men are navigating today’s world, and the role of how young people are transforming the fragmented beliefs in the gender norms that fuel this type of violence.”


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