Rob Clark on our formats for MIPCOM



This year, our MIPCOM line-up is packed with heartland Fremantle formats. From bold reality and feel-good entertainment, to impeccable gameshow classics. It’s full of iconic shows that audiences know and love, as well as new titles that can slot perfectly into any schedule and entertain the masses.

Let’s start with our new reality-dating format, Five Guys a Week. Produced by Label1 for Channel 4 in the UK, this show transforms the first-date experience into the ultimate test of romance and compatibility, whilst putting the woman in control. Fast-tracking the “getting to know you” period, one single girl looking for love choses five guys to move into her house. Every morning she will eliminate one of them, and the last man standing becomes her boyfriend. With fantastic storytelling built around a simple structure, it’s an authentic and engaging format that can fit into any slot for any broadcaster.

Fremantle, the home of gameshows, have the largest and most varied gameshow catalogue on the planet. This market, we return to our heritage and revisit Fremantle’s gameshow legacy.  For this year’s MIPCOM, we’re excited to introduce Epic Gameshow, our huge weekly event-viewing format from Talkback in the UK. The show is made up of iconic gameshows from our catalogue. We’ve taken some of our biggest titles including Play Your Cards Right, Take Your Pick, Strike it Lucky, Bullseye and The Price is Right, super-sized them and given them a brand-new epic ending. The look and feel of the classic formats have been totally refreshed, which has resulted in fantastic event-viewing that is transferable across various schedules. Watching this show, you can’t help but want to be part of the action!

Continuing with gameshows, Rolling In Itis our brand-new format from Over The Top Productions and commissioned by ITV in the UK, where contestants hope to go home literally rolling in it.We see three contestants play alongside some of their favourite celebrities in a bid to go home with a big cash prize. Packed with tension and fantastic comedy moments, these contestants will need to have luck on their side because everything could change at the roll of a giant coin!

Next up, we have a quiz show which sets out to find the nation’s smartest family, The Family Brain Games. Created by Label1 for BBC Two in the UK, this series sees eight smart families go head-to-head in the ultimate challenge that pushes their minds and relationships to the limits. Fun viewing for the whole family, the cross-generational quiz tests modern intelligence by using numbers, pictures, words and memory puzzles. This is the first gameshow to keep the cameras rolling backstage, so we see the families squabbling over their losses or celebrating their victories after each round.

Finally, it’s time to go wild in the aisles with our revamped classic Supermarket Sweep. The much-loved Thames gameshow was rebooted for ITV2 in the UK and became the channel’s biggest launch for four years. Manyof the legacy elements and fan favourites of the past return, with the giant inflatables and memorable catchphrases all making an appearance.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Cannes and introducing you to our line-up.


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