Avlu to serve more time on Star TV



Following a deal between FremantleMedia International (FMI) and Limon Film, Avlu, the Turkish adaption of the hit prison drama Wentworth, launched on Star TV on 29th March, 2018 and has taken audiences by storm. Due to its incredible success, the Turkish broadcaster has announced it is extending the series, locking in even more episodes of the dynamic and hard-hitting drama.


Avlu is a huge hit in Turkey and is one of Star TV’s most successful shows. The series has won up to 3.4 million viewers per episode and is currently outperforming Star TV’s prime time average among all key demographics.


Set in a female prison in Istanbul, Avlu boasts the same legendary characters as the Australian original with action-packed stories of survival as the inmates are thrown together to tackle life behind bars. With unexpected twists and turns on top of the heartbreak, humour and divided loyalties of prison life – the series promises high stakes and edge-of-your-seat viewing as the characters attempt to survive on the inside.

“We are extremely proud of the success Avlu has achieved so far and can’t wait to see even more of its suspense-filled action unfold. It’s fantastic to see the same compelling characters and gripping storylines of the original Australian drama coming to life in a completely new environment.” said Anahita Kheder, SVP Middle East, Africa & South Eastern Europe, FremantleMedia International. “It’s one of the most talked about dramas in the region right now, capturing not only the attention of audiences, but international broadcasters too.”

Avlu is a story about women and their lives confined within the prison walls. Audiences have enjoyed following the characters’ happiness, sadness, friendship, hope and kindness, if there is any left. ” said Hayri Aslan, Producer, Limon Film.

Wentworth has become one of the most popular original dramas in Australian subscription television. The FremantleMedia Australia produced series has sold to 140 territories worldwide and has been adapted in the Netherlands (Celblok H), Germany (Block B – Unter Arrest), Belgium (Gent-West) and most recently, Turkey (Avlu).


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